11 June 2008

STD and the City

Good promotion is key for any film. And “Sex and the City” did a strong job of it. Commercials at every break. Media appearances on every relevant show. Not to mention the onslaught of ads on the internet. Every day, Facebook would ask me: “Are you a Carrie? A Charlotte? Miranda? Samantha? Take the quiz and find out!” I never bothered to take it because I already know: I’m a Sandra. But whether you ended up as a Carrie, a Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha, which one do you think happened to have Herpes?

According to a city Health Department study, released on 9 June, about 26 percent of New York City adults have genital herpes, compared to about 19 percent nationwide. That’s more than one in four. So, statistically, either Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha is a carrier.

But, let us not forget the men of the City. Statistically, either Big, Harry, Steve or Smith would have it, too. And, playing the odds, it would be unlikely for a couple to share the simplex, thus, chances are two out of the four girls would have been exposed.

I couldn’t help but wonder why Smart Water was so prominently displayed in the film and not Trojan? Why Vitamin Water and Mercedes were linked to the movie in commercials instead of condom companies and related prescriptions? Even PSAs didn’t make a move on the movie, because, even with the study just out, it’s not like this is news in New York.

So, for a show that seems to have talked about everything women in the city face (don’t forget, Carrie was even mugged once), why wasn’t Herpes ever mentioned? They had story lines on Chlamydia, breast cancer, infertility, funky spunk and flaccid junk. So, how come none of women or their men ever had a sore? I suppose it wouldn’t exactly be sexy to see one of the ladies dashing into Duane Reade to pick up her Valtrex refill, or to mention over brunch that she and/or her lover were in the midst of an outbreak. Or having that conversation before engaging in sex with a new partner about transmission and precautions. Maybe it wouldn’t be sexy. But it would be real. And responsible. Have we all forgotten that Carrie was supposed to be a sex columnist? I think after season two the writers did.

While “Sex and the City” implies that a purse nabbed from Bag Borrow or Steal will help make an impression, that a pair of Manolo’s will aide in establishing status, or fabulous friends will help make everything all right, it’s never bothered to say that one of the greatest statements an empowered woman can make is, “Hey, put this on.” And I’m not talking a designer label.

Without a doubt, “Sex and the City - The Musical!”, is bound to hit Broadway. Do you think STDs will be written in? Would they include such ditties as: “Mister, Is That a Blister?” or “Ain’t No Lovin’ Without Some Glovin’”? What about, “Got That Itch, Ain’t It a Bitch”? Not that sexually transmitted diseases are funny. I get pissed when a guy gives me a cold. But pretending cooties are not part of sex in any city, town, suburb or hamlet, is a stretch beyond fiction.

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OMG. That's scary.