04 November 2008

The Big Reveal

Today is Election Day. I don't know how anyone anywhere can be unaware of that. All that I can do is ask (read: beg) everyone who is registered to get out and vote. It's painless, and you get a sticker for doing it.

I don't understand why anyone wouldn't take a moment to vote. Except that we, as a society, can be terribly spoiled and apathetic. Don't be mad that I said that, Americans. You know how we can be. Oh, we don't like to admit it to the rest of the world, but those are some of our lesser traits. This is understandable, to a point. We are overworked, overstressed, overtired, overextended, underpaid, under-vacationed and need to take every spare moment we have to just sit down and take a breath. I get it. However, that's no excuse. Take a look at where our country is today. We can blame Wall Street or Washington if we want, but the truth is we were complicit. Don't just sit back and wait for another catastrophe. Vote, dammit. It's your GD duty. It shows respect for your country and your fellow citizens. And, don't be flip or funny about it. This is something to show a bit of reverence toward. Respect it. Do it. You can even take off work for it. Criminy, I'll throw in some cookies if that will motivate you. Though, a bribe should not be necessary (it kind of illustrates my "spoiled/apathetic" point that we would rather downplay).

Anyway, while I am extremely confident that Obama will win, there is a part of me that is concerned we will have to deal with the same questionable counting issues from some States. We can't have that happen again. Two screwed elections were just two too many. And look where those botched counts got us. I'm still pissed about 2000, and mad at Gore for bowing out so gracefully. There's a time to be a gentleman, and then there's a time to grab your sack and say, "No effing way. Do-over, dude!" Seriously. We want things so quick in America -- with our fast-food nation, drive-thru attention span -- that we will take it the wrong way just to get it faster. I think it's time we start appreciating quality, no matter how long that may take. Where are we going? What's the rush? Patience is a virtue we seemed to have hocked. Let's just take in a deep, cleansing breath and get it right this time, shall we?

Okay, stepping off soapbox. I was getting a little dizzy being up there, anyway. But, you know what I'm saying. If you don't vote, I suppose you have your reasons. I can't think of any good ones myself, so please enlighten me. But, maybe give it a shot this time. Maybe see the other side. Have fun with it. You get to make little dots now. It's kind of like the old Scantron tests (and, deep down, we all had fun coloring in our chosen box). So, please vote. Please. Pretty please with sugar on top? Thanks!

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