10 February 2009

Electronic Revolt

I don't know what's going on. Or off, actually. My TiVo died. My iPod is on its last leg (has been for months, but the buzzards are circling) and my BlackBerry is positively geriatric, annoying me to the point that it's sort of mocking me to buy another.

Why is it this kind of stuff always happens at once? When I'm haphazardly employed, taxes are due and I just bought a ticket to NYC I could barely afford (but with airfare so low, I couldn't afford to pass it up, either)? And the choices that are presented as possible solutions are not exactly economically helpful or emotionally appealing. By the way, there's a recession going on. My timing is always perfect.

TiVo can be replaced for $149 (but that extra cash is carrying me to Eastern Standard Time). A TimeWarner DVR is $19 extra per month. I can't stand TimeWarner; the idea of giving them an extra dime gives me slight angina. I want them out of my life...but Verizon and DirecTV aren't really options I'm excited about either. And I will not be able to survive a day without an iPod. So, do I just get a Nano? Or do I splurge and get the Touch?

But, that brings up the BlackBerry issue. If I need a new iPod and want a new phone, should I just get an iPhone? But, I want to stay on T-Mobile. An unlocked, unjailed (whatever the hell that is) iPhone is like $700. WTF? So, now I'm back to a Nano and my GeriBerry...and a TW DVR. Because we are in a recession. And my spoiled need for electronic conveniences and entertainment has to get on board with that. And I've got to run. I have to turn in my cable box now so I can record tonight's "Biggest Loser". Because I sort of am one lately.


kath said...

haha - secret confession - i watch biggest loser. i want all the good toys too. But I use a cell phone that is 6 years old and costs $25 a month because it's really all I need, my ipod holds enough music to get me through one day and I have basic cable with no recording capabilities. I think I'm a bit of a tightwad unless I really really need it .... the imac, the camera ... oh I can justify the stuff that really thrills me and I just put it on the credit card. okay enough with the confessions, why do I always want to tell all when I come over to see you?!?!

RUAWAKE said...

I love that you confess here, Kath. It must be because I'm an internet minister. Seriously. I am. And the magic you work with your "toys" is fabulous and totally worth any splurge you might indulge in. xo

Chad said...

Geeky suggestion: Since you're already with T-Mobile, get a G1 (the Google Android phone). Not as sexy as an iPhone, but very much along the same lines with touchscreen and downloadable apps. But with a proper (physical) qwerty. And a little more businesslike. It's like Blackberry meets iPhone. The best thing (and geekiest): the Android platform is open source.

I actually switched to T-Mobile just to get one, and yes, they're that good.

margie said...

that sister of mine (kath) is such an inspiration to us all, not. lately, just last night in fact, she is given to lecturing me about consumerism, possessions, etc. and although i joke about her, she is right. there is so much overkill with what we think we need to make us happy. go to new york. way better. maybe you can find an iphone cheap. and really, all cell phone companies are "sob's. aren't they?