21 July 2009


I always say, "It takes one phone call or one email to change everything." And that's true. Of course, waiting for that call or email can be utter torture. And these days, with our PDAs, we carry the rejection around with us. We know the phone hasn't rung. We see the emails are just spam. But, sometimes when you aren't looking and you are too distracted to hear the chime, what you were waiting for finally arrives.

I got an email which lead to a phone call which lead to a meeting which lead to a job. Just in time. It seems my ass avoided disaster. And thank the Lord for that. Actually, I think it was my friends who were praying, and hard. Especially the ones who offered me their extra room, if push really came to packing up my apartment.

The past three-and-a-half months were brutal, but they were also a blessing. I've said this here a number of times, but I truly have the best friends imaginable. The minute everything went pear-shaped, they rallied. They were there. And I was lucky to have them give so much support.

This time was a gift, too. Sure, it was scary. But it also gave me time to look at how I really want to live my life, and then live it that way (except for the higher level of stress and lack of funds). Well, I didn't write the way I wanted to. It was hard to focus on that the way I would have liked, but new stories were started. A new endeavor was launched in Project Elegance. A new pace of life was taken. I bit more slow, a tad more graceful.

This email that lead to a call that lead to an interview that got me the job came just in the nick of time. It saved me from having to make some pretty hard decisions. And my friends from getting a new roommate. Sometimes, it's hard to believe that something good will happen, but I suggest you believe. Really believe it. Because you never know when your miracle will arrive.


trasha said...

Wooohoo! Obviously the lack of kitten heels did not detract from your interview technique ;-)

Melanie said...

AHHHHHHHH. Me, breathing a sigh of relief for you. I'm so very happy for you, my friend. So very, very happy.