01 January 2009

2009 Will Be Mine! (And yours and ours.)

I don't make New Year's resolutions. Phooey on those. What's the point? Aren't they always the same: Eat better, exercise more, pay off bills, get a better job/home/partner? Throw in travel, weight loss or quitting smoking and I think you run the gamut of the resolutionary game. And, while you might start off with a bang, by the time those twelve months pass, one would be lucky to check off a single item on the to-be-resolved list.

Instead, I would make "goals" for the year. That's a bit different than resolutions. More direct, I would say. Write X amount per day. Finish specific projects. Actually take a vacation. Get a new sofa. Do something with backyard. I tend to check off about three or four of my top six. Last year, however, things were only half done. Not that I got half the list accomplished. No. More like everything on the list made it to mid-point then...

For 2009, I'm changing my ways altogether. I still won't make resolutions or even a set of goals. I am making DEMANDS! Really. Why be nice about this? Where have all these namby-pamby resolutions and goals gotten us anyway?

So I am demanding a very fine 2009. Free of BS of any sort. Opportunities galore. Dreams realized. Fortunes made. Losses cut. Love reigning supreme. A wonderful twelve months full of joy and granted wishes. We've had enough hard times, setbacks and disappointments, don't you think? Just enough gray to tarnish the gold. Now, it's time to shine again.

Happy New Year. May it be all you want it to and more. Dammit.

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