11 December 2008

As the Economy Turns

So, the economy kept the gays from calling in, and I also hear that it is bringing back the lady bush. Stocks in razor companies soar! (Kidding about that, though it might happen.)

We see the unemployment rates climb as daily announcements of job cuts and company closures continue. With every shutting door, there is a ripple effect. That company's vendors. Those employees' retailers. Those employed by those vendors and retailers. And so on. Right down to your own personal shrubbery.

It's a scary time. We aren't sure when we are going to feel steady again. We are all tightening our belts hoping to make it through okay. Then you get a goofball like Kathie Lee Gifford (why did NBC hire her?) who goes on a mini rant that we can save "Hairspray" from closing on Broadway by buying "lots and lots of tickets." As if the theatre-going public is just being stingy. Sigh. Some people just don't get it. The rest of it are growing it out.

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