09 December 2008

A Day Without a Gay

For all of those people out there who are against of gay marriage, brace yourself for tomorrow. Tomorrow, they gays go on strike in protest of Proposition Hate 8. Rock it, my rainbow brothers and sisters! I'm here to lend my straight support. Because, there is no way I would be the woman I am today were it not for the gay guidance I have been given.

Imagine a world not touched by a homosexual in some way. Do you watch TV? See movies? Listen to music? Read? Eat? Wear clothes? Yeah, all highly influenced by the gays (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered). So, where does a homophobe go? Honey, nowhere is safe. Closets exist everywhere, so you can never really be sure. Just kidding. I'm not trying to scare anyone. But, you might as well get over your fear/hate/paranoia and just accept. Acceptance. It's what Jesus would do.

I would love to see the TV go blank tomorrow. The radio to be dead air. Movie screens to stay dark just to get the point across. It would be nice for businesses to shut their doors, for employees to feel good about not coming in, in spite of the economy and the rate of unemployment. Not everyone can call in gay tomorrow. But we can all be supportive.

If you can't imagine a day without TV or music or makeup, then go to the theatre and see MILK. Be reminded how far we haven't come. How much hate still lives here. How easily we will deny civil rights to our citizens. This is a part of our recent history. It's a part of now.

I don't understand why gay marriage is so threatening to people. Why does it need to be "protected"? Heteros haven't exactly done such a stellar job with it. And maybe like the neighborhoods gays move into and make more beautiful, elevating the value for all, maybe they can do the same for marriage. Why not let them give it a shot?

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