19 December 2008

Judge Me All You Want

I love, absolutely adore your comments and emails (please keep 'em coming), but I thought I would throw in some fun and let you judge me...publicly.

Feel free to "react" in the newly added Reactions part of the comment section below each post. You can even go back and judge past posts. Why? Because you are bored at work and this will help you look busy. Click on some ads, too, while you are at it. They are good ads. And some of the Google ones are hilarious. Who comes up with that stuff?

And, because I couldn't stuff everyone's stocking this year, go ahead and give yourself the gift of "The Slip". Got a long travel day coming up in the next week or two? This will help. You can thank me later (thank Reznor, too, because it's on him). Besides, downloading it will give you something else to do. We both know you're here killing time until happy hour. I'm just trying to fill that space with a little joy. And it's a great album. I can't believe you don't have it. After "The Downward Spiral", this is my favorite NIN. And, no, I'm not obsessed. I'm not. Seriously. Why do you think that? Sheesh. It's not like I'm calling the songs out by Halo numbers or anything. Jeebus.

For those of you wondering what you could slip under my tree, don't even think about sending me sweets of any sort. Not after the box of truffles (it was a small box, thank God) I ate in the course of a couple of hours yesterday. Effing menses. Yeah, that's the fancy word for *period* you can say in polite company. See, not only do I entertain and help you kill time, I edumakate. This is the blog that keeps on giving. This is the blog that cares.

Now wasn't this a pleasant way to pass the time? Sure it was. I'm glad you stopped by. Now, go on...click away. Click click click. Come on. Show the lurve. And have a nice weekend. xo

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