25 August 2008

Groaning for Gold

Yawn. I hear the Olympics are over and we won't have to suffer through them for another two years. Yea! So glad we can get back to BS as usual.

I have to say, I did a great job of not watching any of the Olympics, with the exceptions of what the "Today Show" recapped and accidentally watching the Men's Swimming Relay (we were in a bar and it was on, I had no say). Sports really aren't my thing. Overproduced television really isn't my thing. Hype upon hype upon hype completely puts me off. But, above all else, I wasn't going to support anything Chinese government related. You can go on and on and tell me that's not what it's about; it's a time where the world sets that all aside for the honor of competition. Bollocks. That was the Chinese government's big PR push, and quite an expensive one. I think it would have been better handled, and received, if they simply freed Tibet.

My feelings about their government don't extend to the people of China. Look, I wouldn't want to be judged by the dufus sitting in the White House. I didn't vote for him, twice. So I absolutely acknowledge the difference between the people and their leader, or joke in a suit. Whatever you want to call him. And, it's not the little girls' fault that their ages were lied about. But, that landing off the uneven bars was not gold worthy (saw it on "Today"). That the US Team didn't dispute it was kind of gross. Yes, we want to be good sports and respectful guests, but weren't we already overlooking the fact that the Chinese team were grossly underage? It's just seemed way too hinky. And, that's another reason why the Olympics don't do it for me. It's always political.

Back in the day, I think it meant a little bit more. The athletes were amateurs and couldn't go pro. I mean, of course the Men's Basketball Team took gold. They'd better. They had Kobe. And a few other top players I'm sure. But, once they started letting all the pros play, the Olympics truly lost its luster for me. There will never be another "miracle" hockey team. Like Steve Prefontaine, they won't have to suffer for their sport, and I think that's where the true passion and drive comes from. And why college football is easier to suffer through than a pro game. They are hungry for it. They have something to prove.

Nothing's the same anymore. Even Wheaties had their cereal pissed in. I believe in change, but always hope its for the better. Is it though? Do we really need a bunch of fireworks and choreography at the opening ceremony, or is that to justify the advertising cost? Everyone is wondering if London can live up to Beijing's hoopla. Who cares? Just have Beckham wear his panties. Or wrangle the Sex Pistols on to the stage and let them scream about anarchy. Now, that I would watch.

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