22 August 2008


I think there's something wrong with life if we have to give a big, "Woo-hoo! It's Friday! Thank God!!!" when that day arrives. How much must our weekday working lives suck to have that reaction? What is it about the time we spend between Friday elation and Monday dread that makes us loathe any day that doesn't start with an S? These are the questions plaguing my mind this morning as I realize that I am already running late. But, at least it's Friday. Thank God.

If only two days out of seven are celebrated, enjoyed, worshipped, held sacred, then what the hell is going on with the other five? And what does it say about our meager existences if we hate our jobs so much, feeling a shadow of doom as we drive into our places of employment? Nothing good, I'd think. There is the adage of "Love what you do," but how many of us can say that and mean it? It seems like a great many of us hold our breath all week, waiting for it to end, then, when Friday comes about, we all exhale like we are finally able to live again.

Now, I'm not saying that everybody feels this way, or even that everybody feels this way every week. And not everybody has Saturday and Sunday off, or two days in a row off, or even two days off for that matter. In this economy, some are working not for but on their weekends to make ends meet. That makes me sad. We all need a weekend to enjoy.

But the thing is, we should be enjoying the week, too. I don't think enough of us are having fun Monday through Thursday. Are you? I'm not. And that's my fault. It's too easy to focus on what you don't like rather than what you do. And I do like my life. I suppose it's just the frustration of trying to fit more into it without rushing to do it. My attempt to wake up earlier to have a more peaceful morning isn't having much success. But, I'm not giving up. My perpetual yawning is proof of that. I don't know that I'll ever be one to say, "Yea! It's Monday!" But I hope to one day wake up on that day and not say, "Crap." Wait, isn't Labor Day coming up?

Enjoy the Easybeats and "Friday On My Mind".

Here's Goldspot and their "Friday".

And how could I not include Loverboy.

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