22 July 2008

The Clompy Chronicles, Part 2

It seems there just might be something to this whole "positive thinking" thing. Clompy has been relatively quite for the past few weeks. Oh, there was one loud lovers quarrel a few days after I posted Part 1. I'm happy to report they made up later that day. They even went away for a while, which was a nice little vacation for me.

It's still far from Utopian. A new trend has started. Clompy and the boyfriend are making a habit of having cereal out in the back each morning, and they might as well be dining in my kitchen. I don't hear her, but he has rather a loud, deep, resonate voice that carries...all the way through my home. Not to mention a habit of stabbing the bowl with his spoon. He likes the sound of his own voice. I can tell, as he often punctuates everything with a satisfied laugh. It's nice to be able to entertain oneself. At least they've seemed to quit smoking. There has definitely been improvement.

For all their noise, I am kindly spared having to hear them sexing it up. And thank God and Baby Jesus for that. While I am relieved for selfish reasons, I also feel a little bad for her. She's a young gal, and these are the screaming years. I haven't actually found out when mine stop, but do my best to make sure all windows are shut and other noise on. And you thought music was just setting the mood. Still, this is about positive thinking. Wishing her the best. And I do want the best for her. I simply hope (and pray) that before she discovers loud sex, she will be in her fabulous new apartment or mansion or whatever the Fates will bless her with and far, far, far away from me. Or at least at his place. I'll start on wishing him better real estate, too.

Here are two clips on what some other unlucky neighbor has to endure. Try not to laugh. It could happen to you...on either side of the camera. (You may want to turn the volume down if you're at work.)

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