14 July 2008

Playing With Potential

One of the more enjoyable things one can do on a Sunday is have brunch with a good friend, maybe consume a few more calories than necessary, perhaps have a cocktail or two (or three, which is okay because we were walking), and then wander up and down the boulevard imagining what's next. Wonder how close we are to actually having it all. And we would indeed have it all. Why not? Fantasies are free.

There's a heap of potential out there just waiting to be seized. You can see it in the open expanse of a loft space. Within the four walls of that house for sale. In a shop window. The smile that stands out on a face in the crowd. Once you start, you begin to see it everywhere. You can't help but consider what you would do if your dream actually came true. If money were no object. If time wasn't something that ran so short, compressing everything everyday. If you could finally afford that maid. The personal chef. The personal trainer. And how nice it would be to actually have your own personal assistant.

Hours can be spent doing this. It's an enjoyable game. And daydreams as an adult seem to have a bit more power to them. They aren't merely an exercise of the imagination, but a plotting of the future. Phrases change from If or When to How. How can I make this happen? How quickly can I get it done? How great will it be when it's finally achieved?!?

Yesterday, my friend and I bought a house, started a few restaurants, opened a boutique and leased office space (I even threw in a few items for my wardrobe). The potential out there was palpable. Of course, more than a few of our plans required a windfall to make them real. A lotto win would come in quite handy, or a group of investors would do. Personally, I long for a generous benefactor. No, not a sugar daddy. I'm not that kind of girl. But, I think it would be nice for someone to take me on as their favorite charity. Be my very own NEA. It would be fabulous if we hit one of those jackpots. But, we knew it's down to us to take all that raw potential and mold it into exactly what we want. Somehow, we convinced ourselves that the DIY way was even more exciting than winning the lottery or a kindly benefactor picking up the tab. That was probably the third drink talking.

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