08 July 2008

Mads About You

I'm in love. Truly, madly, deeply in love with the music of Mads Langer. Now, if you aren't from Denmark or don't listen to Passport Approved on Indie 103.1, you may not have heard of this wonderful wunderkind. Allow me to bring him to your Attention Please.


Unfortunately, "Shine" isn't on the playlist there. That's the song that brought Mads to my attention and trust me when I say that it is one of the most perfect songs I've heard...and I'm not one to gush over just any bit of music. I can be a little snobby about it, actually. I come from a 70s glitter/glam-80s punk/new wave (though it gags me a tad to even write that phrase) musical upbringing. Bowie and Lennon were my first musical loves, and I fell for them when I was six. K-Tel 8-tracks and daytime showings of "The Midnight Special" brought David into my life, and my stepdad's favorite non-Neil Diamond album was Lennon's Shaved Fish. These men were songwriters. Though, I couldn't really grasp the concept of "Cold Turkey" at such a young age, and envisioned a really pissed off bird chasing after John. Anyway, "Shine" caused me to race out of the shower, dripping over to my laptop to Google him when I heard the song on Indie early one Saturday morning earlier this year. I found Mads but discovered "Shine" wasn't yet out in the States. I had to wait ever so impatiently for it to hit iTunes two months later (it's there now on the EP Fact-Fiction. Pop-Or ???, buy it).

"Breathe Out" and "Poem With No Rhyme" (my personal anthem), are from his debut album, Attention Please, and they are my two faves from it. From what I understand, he was 21 when the album came out. I'm sorry, but no one that young should be that talented. It's almost kind of rude, even at 24. The other song on the playlist, "Killer", I believe will be on the upcoming album (due to drop early next year). And, yes, I still call them albums because I'm using my power of positive thinking to bring LPs back. I miss liner notes.

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