17 July 2008

Something Good

Have you ever just sat around waiting for something good to happen? Anything. Anything good at all. Something as simple as Sixteen Candles on cable (premium, not basic). A random email from a long lost friend you didn't misplace on purpose. A coupon in the mail for a store already renown for their discounts. An extra bottle of Veuve found stashed in the back of the pantry. Anything at all remotely positive just to give you a break for the shitstorm you've been in.

The last two weeks have been rather challenging. If time had a personality, the recent past's would have been something akin to a teething two-year-old in need of a nap. Unrelenting in its annoyances and upsets. And all I could keep repeating in my head is, I can make it through the day if something good happens. Something, anything, just a little good. Please. I really don't need much. All it takes sometimes is for a parking space to appear when I need it. That can easily buy me a day or two of joy. Discovering a bit more cash than expected in my wallet not only thrills me, it makes me believe again in Santa Claus and fairies and all things mystical. Especially since I have a "magic" coin purse that has the power to turn a twenty into a one in the blink of an eye.

Good can come in all shapes and sizes but, when you wait so long for something good to come, you kind of want it to have a presence when it finally arrives. Announce itself with a thunderous clap. The ring of a cell phone and a, "Hey, baby. What are you doing right now?" attempt at seduction just won't do. Though, I suppose it's better than a simple text.

There's something sadly passive about waiting for something good to come. But I think it's also self-preserving. I certainly don't want to go out and tempt fate right now. Believe me, I'd stub my toe on along the way and chip my pedi. No thanks. I'm pleased to wait for something good to arrive. It's bound to show up soon. If nothing else, there's at least a new Netflix due in the post. I hope it will be good.

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