08 September 2008

Better Late than Whenever

So, I'm test-driving the new schedule I'm going to be on, and trying to work out the kinks. So far, no good.

This is the one week to get it down. The dress rehearsal and dry run all rolled into one. All I have to do is wake up early each day and fit in the gym so I can make this new life work. Outside of that, I have only one thing set on the calendar...and that one thing was today. Next week, I'm going to have to start commuting for the first time in a long time. This isn't going to be easy. I'm naturally time-challenged in the morning. I believe writers are derived from the vampire bloodline. Not only can we suck the life out of you but, for the most part, we'd rather write through the night. Daylight has it's purpose, but it's not really enjoyable until noon or later. Thus, I have to get myself sorted for this new pattern. I can no longer abuse the snooze, have a shower for lunch if I get a late start to and/or from the gym, and pajamas won't be appropriate attire on the days I just can't decide what to wear. I really have to get my shizzle organizzled.

The alarm was more or less respected, but I got a little sidetracked on the way to the treadmill. Damn that internet. It's such a time suck. With the amount of carbohydrates I consumed for dinner last night, there was no way to bow out of the gym gracefully. You play, you pay.

Since I'm still on an artistic high from Saturday night's concert, I listened to The Downward Spiral as I attempted to undo dinner. Listening to Nine Inch Nails is almost as good as going to the gym a bit miffed. Adrenaline. It's awesome. One doesn't really watching the clock when listening to Trent, so I went a little longer than scheduled. While I adored Reznor before, after Saturday, I am even more enamored. He is so effing good on stage. His voice is incredible. His band is tight. The light show was dazzling. He played the xylophone, which was unbelievably hot. And the passion. Oh, the passion. There's something about the way he threw things around on stage that made me go weak in the knees. So, I kind of got lost in fantasy land as I relived a few special moments. Sigh.

I was kind of excited to get home because I had purchased a new shower head yesterday. No. Not that kind of shower head. Please. I got a water-filtering kind. I was dreaming of a long "rain+full spray" dousing, free of chlorine and other junk. Unfortunately, because of all my dilly-dallying, it was a power shower and a rush out the door.

Arg. I was five minutes late for my meeting. But, I called ahead to let them know.

The meeting went way longer than I had expected. Don't you hate that? I figured it would be thirty-minutes. An hour, tops. Two-point-five later, I was weak from skipping breakfast and dying for lunch. And by then I was fed up with rushing around. I just wanted to eat and watch Oprah. It will be one of the last times I get to see her not on TiVo. So, I took the few remaining tasks I aspired to do today and moved them over to tomorrow. This is my last week of, "Meh. Whenever." And I think I'll make the most of it.


Melanie said...

Gawd how I hate having to readjust schedule and life. Will soon be doing the same. Only without the gym part, because I am a slug. Enjoy this week, sounds like you have it under control.

Andrea said...

You "respected the alarm clock"....what a major feat that is! Congratulations :)