17 September 2008

Thankful For The Little Things

The economy is simply terrifying these days. Each morning, as I listen to the news, I cringe a bit more, waiting for what might be next. The ripple effect of all this will soon be felt by all of us (though many are feeling it already). I am sincerely frightened when I think about how this is going to affect us as a nation. Recession. Depression. Whatever they want to call it, it ain't going to be pretty. But, I'm a bit of an optimist. One to look for the silver lining in any dark cloud. This situation is no exception.

I've been rather financially "challenged" off and on for some time now. Well, mostly on. That's what happens when you change careers at a bad economic time (anyone else remember the end of 2000 and 2001?), and the career is more like demi-employment (freelancers know what I'm talking about). To say I'm behind in my financial goals is an understatement on par with professing the economy is fundamentally sound.

Today, I realized that, after all my bitching and whining about being broke, my lack o' cash might actually have been a blessing in disguise. I might've just dodged a mighty big, fat bullet. I don't have investments. I don't have a 4-0-whathaveyou. Before, I thought that made me sound rather pathetic. Today, I couldn't love my little ING account more.

They always said be thankful for the little things.

When you don't have much, you don't have much to lose. I always thought that was a fabulous way to look at life. Live for the moment and go for it. It sounds different now. Though I feel an odd sense of relief in my sorry circumstance, I think of those who are trying to support their families, afford gas and food. Hope that no one gets hurt or sick. Pray to God Mother Nature doesn't throw in a monkey wrench. Wondering the same thing I do: How did we get to this place?

Now, we all have to start over. Do a great big reboot. We're in this together. Together, we'll make it through. And, if you need any advice on how to live on zero budget, I'm here to help.


Maggie, Dammit said...

I thought the same thing after yesterday's stock market fiasco. I have similar thoughts when other people are worried about identity theft. I always think, "who would ever want to steal a freelancer's identity? Not much to work with there, asshole criminal."

Melanie said...

Sandra you have brilliant insight into the whole fiasco going on right now. I'm so loving your glass half full attitude. I've been doing my best, while on vacation, to keep my head firmly planted in the sand but the news is everywhere. We will all just ride it out together, and I'm coming here for attitude adjustments!