25 September 2008

Happy Pills?

Maybe it's the Midol I took before I wrote this post, but I'm feeling much better about things. A bit more relaxed. Dare I say at peace? Well, let's not push it. Resigned might be more the case. In any event, I feel better. Insert exhale here.

I'm still totally sleep deprived. Haven't been to the gym in over a week. Still need to get a banner made for the book fair on Sunday. (Want to run bets that will get done and it won't be me, a Sharpie and a white garbage bag on Saturday night?) I have 250 emails in my inbox to get through (no joke). Invoices to do. Bills to put in the post. You know, a bunch of life to deal with.

All that aside, I've surrendered to the long drive, the lack of free time and how quickly things pile up. How fast things don't get done. How rapidly the days pass. Yeah, I'm just cluing into all this. Remember, I was spoilt by working from home in yoga pants for ages. All good things sure do come to an end.

It seems as though I'm adjusting, just like everyone said I would. Adapt, evolve or end up in the loony bin. Yeah, yeah. I'm still thinking it might just be the Midol, though.

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