18 September 2008

I Spy With My Slightly Blinded Eye

Yeah yeah. I know you are sick and tired of hearing about how waking up early and working a real job is killing me. Well, it might also be blinding me.

Night before last, as I was readying for bed, I went to remove my eye makeup and, as I was smearing the mascara around, I felt an unusual sting. The sting quickly turned into a burn. I thought that, perhaps, I poorly timed my eye-closing and got a little of the remover on my eyeball. Totally in the realm of possibilities. Motor skills are first to go on me when exhaustion sets in. As the pain increased, it occurred to me that the pad itself felt a little different. Finally, I looked at it with my one good eye, and the slightly blinded one, and realized I had mistakenly taken a Sally Hansen Zero-Bumps pad (meant for *ahem* wherever you wax) rather than my Almay (which is actually meant for your eye area).

Now, it's not like those two jars are sitting next to each other in the cabinet. Uh uh. Two different doors. The containers aren't even the same color. And they certainly aren't applied to the same places. It was a total Miller moment.

Sigh. I'm so not adjusting well.

1 comment:

Melanie said...

Giggle,*snort* thank God the weekend is almost here! Seriously, hoping your eye is well and bump free. ahem. Stop that Melanie ;-). Really, I just know you will start adjusting to your new schedule at some point? Have a safe Friday and if you find a happy hour, have a drink for me!