04 September 2008

I'm Just Going to Say It

I can't take it anymore. All these cries of "sexism" whenever Sarah Palin is asked a question -- or a question is asked about Sarah Palin -- are giving me PMS...Palin-McCain Syndrome (my friend, SB, came up with that one...thanks for the loan). Here's a bit of advice for the McCain't campaign: Don't name-call the question or question the asker, JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION! How hard is that? Unless someone is asking what brand of tampon Palin prefers, it's not a sexist question. And even that wouldn't be a sexist question. It would be a stupid question.

I guess I'm supposed to be impressed with Sarah Palin just because she and I share the same reproductive organs. And, if I'm not, then I'm a sexist, a misogynist or just a bitter woman, a member of the "angry left". Please. Give my IQ some credit. I am to the point when every time I turn on the TV and some pundit (and more than a few are women) is crying sexism because Palin is being scrutinized, I have to pop a Midol. Come on. John McCain picking Palin was sexist. You can't tell me she was the best candidate for the GOP VP. You can't. It was a cheap ploy that now all women are supposed to rally around and embrace. It disgusts me.

Let's talk about how pro-chick Palin really is (and I'll skip her anti-choice stance): Sarah Palin's speech was written by a man. A MAN!!! Are there no female GOP writers that could fill her mouth with party rhetoric? What all the pro-Palinites are cheering on is a bunch man-words coming out of a woman's mouth. Is that something to rah-rah about? That, to me, is misogynistic and sexist. She has turned herself into the political equivalent of a ventriloquist's dummy. Yeah, I said it.

And don't tell me Palin is being picked on or is unfairly singled out because she is a woman. Do we forget the beginning of the campaigning when Barack was mocked and maligned every time he stepped outside, called Anti-American, accused of being a terrorist? Remember how the right-wing media treated him? How about Michelle Obama being called unpatriotic? Have we so quickly forgotten the button passed around at a Texas GOP event that asked if we could still call it the White House if he won? So don't come crying to me about unfair questions or treatment. As a woman, I'm going to tell you to knock it off, grow up and if you can't take the heat, get out of the election.

Instead of focusing on her speech, why don't we listen to Sarah in her own voice here. This is a candidate on a ticket for "Country First" who was a member of the Alaska Independence party in 1994 (the GOP denies this because she never officially changed her voting party from Republican to AI, but the AI says, yeah, she and the hubby were members). That was 14 years ago, pretty far in the past, so just admit it and say you changed your mind. That's a woman's prerogative, no? Like saying you'll be an advocate for special needs children...after you cut funding for that in your own state. I guess it really is easy to change your mind, your policies and opinions...depending on what the speechwriter feeds you.

In my opinion, Sarah Palin is a shady lady. And that's not sexist. That's me being polite. I'm sure there is more to come out of her closet. Look what we've gotten in just a week. And, I'm just going to say it: I'm still doing the math on Trig.

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SabineM said...

I am with you on this one. I must be a sexist too then! This lady scares me!