08 October 2008

1,000,000 Miles Away

Trapped in Pasadena for work last night, I was beyond bummed. Not just for the obvious reasons; there was no way I would make it home in time for the debates. I was beyond bummed I wouldn't be able to watch it live. I was in a bit of a panic, too, since Oprah was recorded as a garbled mess the day before. Fricken digital cable. If you aren't there to switch the channel and get it back on track, you're screwed. I worried the debate would suffer the same fate, and I would have to scramble to find a repeat online. This election is causing me a little too much stress. Seriously, all debates should be on Friday nights. I'm guaranteed to be home by 6:00 PM, not to mention I can drink freely, knowing the alarm won't be bothering me the next morning. So glad I didn't choose "my friends" to sip my Guinness on.

We finally hit the road about 5:40 PM, right smack in the middle of gridlock. Farg. Desperate, I asked if we could listen to the debate on the radio. "Why don't we watch it on TV?" my boss replied and then slid open the screen in front of me. This is the upside of rolling in a Rolls. Suddenly, the long drive home was a welcomed notion. Sadly, the car doesn't come with cable. No CNN, so we settled on NBC. It was difficult watching the exchange in the presence of my employer. Wanting to keep some semblance of professionalism, I held back from flipping off the screen and calling bullshizzle when I heard it. There were a few Tourettic outbursts, but I kept them to a minimum. Then we lost reception in the canyon, including Sirius radio. You would think with all the money in Malibu, they would make decent reception a priority, but no. I got about an hour into it, then hurried home to catch the rest, praying to St. Claire (the patron of television, really) that it all got recorded.

Happily, TiVo and TimeWarner were in working order (thanks, St. Claire!). I settled in with my microwaved organic, vegan dinner and fast-forwarded to where I had left off in the car. I have to say, I almost feel sorry for McCain't. Almost. Especially when he channelled Palin. How pathetic. The only thing worse (outside of the redundant lies) was when he cracked a joke and chuckled at it by himself. Even the GOP pundits had to admit that John was pwn3d by Obama. [OMG, pwn3d is considered a word by Blogger spell check...OMG, however, is not.]

There's less than four weeks to go before election day, and that feels a million miles away. I think we should just save ourselves some time, money, and a heap of McCain't/Palin BS and swear Obama in now. Boot the Shrub out of DC and start cleaning up this mess. At least move the swearing in to November 5th. January is too far away.

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