31 October 2008


I suppose I should wish you a happy Halloween. Okay. Happy Halloween! I'm just not into it. Not my favorite holiday. I suppose the only good thing about it is all the fun-size candies that go on sale the day after. I mean, Halloween seems to be just another occasion for women to embrace their inner hoochie. Around L.A., we call that Saturday night. Perhaps there's a little more glitter involved on Halloween. I don't know. But it certainly puts a different spin on "trick" or "treat".

Another slutty-costume-avoider and I made plans to meet up for happy hour tonight. Then we realized that, snap, it's Halloween. We aren't sure what we are going to do. Where exactly we can go that will be Halloweenie-free. It may end up being my place for some wine and a slice of the Great Pumpkin.

Still, costume-lover or not, I hope you have a happy night. Have fun. Be safe. Enjoy some pumpkin.

(BTW - For those of you with an email subscription, there's a YouTube clip above.)

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