17 October 2008

A Thousand Words (x2)

It's a sign the world is coming to an end. Or that metrosexualism is desperate for a comeback. Seriously, I want to meet the man who will go out in public in these. Well...maybe not. But you can send me his name and picture and I'll post it here.

The shorts+longjohns mismatch of the 90s was one thing, but mantyhose are just -- as Tim Gunn would say -- preposterous. Faux tat tights? Who would dream this stuff up? And who would buy them (and not for a costume or gag gift...emphasis on gag)?

This is just too good for words. Feel free to add your own, though, or visit DListed to find the caption contest winners. Seriously, someone needs to sit down with John and explain that he's not funny. Really. That joke he calls a running mate was bad enough. Cracking himself up at the debates was absolutely cringe-inducing. This, however, just says it all.

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