23 October 2008

Real Biggest Loser Challenge

I fancy myself as having some level of sophistication. Then, I scroll through my TiVo "Now Playing List" and that level dips a bit.

I suppose it's not a totally humiliating set of shows, but I have to admit that, before writing this post, I sat through the un-aptly-named America's Next Top Model and my most guiltiest pleasure, Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I haven't even watched Real World in years but, somehow, I am sucked into the dysfunction and highjinks of the challenges. They are redunkulous.

But that goes without saying that I spent Tuesday night with furrowed brow watching The Biggest Loser (which would have to be me for wasting two hours on that...every week...while eating). And, according to the "To Do List", Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew is back. I love that almost as much as Celebrity Fit Club.

The Bravo reality includes Tim Gunn, those chefs and that runway show, but not any of the housewives (I have my standards), that Zoe creature or Top Design (does anyone watch that?). And nothing on network television. I've never watched one of those shows. Wait...there was that first season of Rockstar: INXS, but only because a friend dragged me to a taping...and then I had to see who won. Thank God they were more than halfway through the competition. The whole time I kept wondering if Michael Hutchence was pissing himself laughing from the great beyond, or was just pissed.

Going through my "Season Passes", you will also find Oprah, True Blood and Dexter. I'm about to dump My Name is Earl. I know. I fricken loved that show the first two seasons, but now...meh. CSI Miami totally bugs. Too much filler, if you know what I mean. CSI is also on its last legs, but I like it more. Sadly, that bumps off 30 Rock, but I think I can catch that on Hulu or something. Yeah, sadly Frontline or Masterpiece Theatre hasn't quite made the cut. I guess my sophistication only goes so far. But, I think we knew that.

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