29 October 2008

Better Than Text

Only six more days! I'm so excited. Aren't you? It's like Christmas, only better. A new President. Hurrah! I've been waiting for this moment for eight years now. Eight very long, hard, bitter, stolen-from-me years. We have resolved all the "hanging chad", missing absentee ballots and severely challenged math skills surrounding our Presidential elections, haven't we? I certainly hope so. Ducks in a row, people. Get 'em there.

You don't need three guesses to figure out whom I hope will win. (That one!) And what a sweet day that will be. I think I might take next Wednesday off. We should have a parade or something. Serve up a couple of celebratory Baracktails.

While I know I'm not the only one, I have developed a bit of a bond with Obama. We Facebook. He texts me. Sends me emails (I have to say, I melt a little when he addresses me as Sandra Ann). We follow each other on Twitter. But, I'm wondering if all that will come to an end next week? Will President Obama still tweet his peeps? I certainly hope so. Imagine:

@BarackObama Kicking it in the Oval Office then World Peace!

Do you think Barack might pull something like a @RickSanchezCNN and let us send him texts and tweets telling him what's on our minds regarding the war or the economy? Put up a Twitter screen during his State of the Union address? That would be awesome...and a lot of communication management. See. He's creating jobs already.

But, if Barack decides he has to cut all ties in order to focus on running the free world, I'll understand. I suppose it's not appropriate to SuperPoke your Commander-in-Chief (after all, this isn't the Clinton administration we are talking about). I'll miss our tweets, but having Obama in the White House is better than texts.

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