24 October 2008

Yeah, It Looks Different

This is, what, my third layout since moving to Blogger? I think that's about right. And this one I had to customize. All by myself. After midnight no less. Someone pin a medal on me (so my dark circles will be less noticeable...thanks!). There are still a few "issues" (like my title description is a little off center), but, like all my other issues, I'll deal with them later. I'm not planning on making any more changes to the site. Well, maybe one more.

Okay, I'm monetizing. Yeah. The BlogHer ads are coming. Be sure to support me them. And if you aren't familiar with BlogHer, check it out. Whether you are a blogger or not, you will find a great community of women (and men). It's also a wonderful forum for you if you are thinking about starting to blog (and you know you want to so you can lose a bunch of sleep, too).

No, I haven't drank the Kool-Aid. Come on. But this is all the blog I've got in me after coding and reformatting and reformatting the formatting of the new format. Take pity on me. There's only three hours of sleep in my future. Then packing for my fabulously low-key weekend getaway. So you know Monday's blog will totally make up for this piece of *gold*.



Deb on the Rocks said...

Very nice. I like the 3 columns. Blogher is the best! Congratulations on adding them as your sponsor.

Andrea said...

Have a great weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it :)