07 October 2008

Catching Up, Eventually

Holy crap. I am now totally convinced that I am living in a parallel universe. Malibu must have some sort of weird vortex. I see the most peculiar stuff driving to and from it. I realize some of the disconnect is from sleep deprivation (coming off the vampire hours has not been easy). Part of it might be from working in the Bat Cave all day without cable access or cell phone reception. I actually work at work, so there's no Twitter time or chance to hit the gossip and news sites. Sigh. I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on in the world. When I come home, I TiVo (fast-forwarding through the commercials), eat, blog and sleep. I am out of the loop on so many levels (I am doing my best to keep up with the debates). Just imagine my utter shock when I finally heard that OJ was convicted.

I have to say, Karma is the sweetest bitch I know.

Yeah. I'm a Buddhist and I said that shizzle. It's my karma. I'll deal with it.

The rest of you not disconnected from reality know that the verdict came crashing down on the thirteenth anniversary of his acquittal. How sweet is that? It's utter poetry, if you ask me. Even better, his sentencing happens the day before Fred Goldman's birthday. You know it will be life with a big red bow wrapped around it. At least I hope so, for Fred and Kim, and the Brown family.

Of course, we can't forget the other victims: Nicole's children. They are adults now. I can't imagine what the last fourteen years have been like for them. Or the wounds this must open up. It's beyond sad in so many ways. Resolution is brought to one side; more pain to another.

Still, when I see something like OJ's comeuppance, I think the Universe is at work. You can believe in random coincidence if you want, or see the eloquence of cause and effect. Sure, that man was swimming in hubris for ages, and it was only a matter of time before it pulled him under. We've seen hints of it over the years. Seen it coming. Felt it in our bones. There was no way he'd get away scot-free, not with his level of douchebaggery. And, finally, his get-out-of-jail free card was pulled.

Way back in the day, I had a moment with George Clooney. He was reading the Newsweek with OJ on the cover, and I asked, "So, George, what do you think?" George got really impassioned (melt) and said, "Oh, he's guilty. But he'll get off." After I stopped swooning, I said, "No, George. You can't think that way. He's guilty. We have to believe justice will prevail." It seems we were both right. Typically, my timing was a little off. I only wish I could have seen Dominick Dunne's face when this verdict was read. I bet if there was a jaw-drop this time, it was followed with a smile.

Hope you are feeling much better, Mr. Dunne.

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